SUBMITTER COMMENT: This type of thing makes me want to just give up, obviously no one cares enough to go to an actual professional anymore. You can’t even begin to count the number of things wrong with this.

WHATS AWFUL: Where to start?

1.It’s taken place in a bedroom, full of what appears to be drunk people, on a dresser which is filthy. No way shape or form clean in any aspect.

2.This girl looks like she is quite young, ABSOLUTELY no training, or even slight hint of knowledge of body piercing, clearly has no respect for it either.

3.Placement is way off, didn’t even try to find ‘the sweet spot’ required for cheek piercings, most good reputable piercers wont even preform these because of the horrible healing rate they generally have.

4.Jewlery is “a long ass labret” as she says, which looks to be MAYBE 7/16” externally threaded mall garbage. WRONG. That will swell over completely in a matter of hours, most likely will have to be cut out.

5.The actual ‘piercing’ it self has way to much wrong to even list, She fumbles around, no forceps were used, she goes extremely slow, doesn’t cork the end once it is in, Drops the jewelry on the unsterile table, lets it sit in her mouth while she ‘tries to figure out how to get the jewelry in’, In which she just pulls out and tries to force the externally threaded jewelry threw causing and insane amount of trauma to the tissue, Also has a friend ungloved try to shove it in who gets blood all over her, Even without the major swelling the bar is far to short and pulling into her flesh right when shes done, and she wipes the blood off the fresh piercing with a dirty wash cloth.

HOW IT CAN BE FIXED: Well for starters I’d say, STOP MAKING VIDEOS AND PROMOTING THIS SHIT!! There are so many people who use youtube as a source of learning how to pierce. Sorry kids, I have yet to see anything done well on youtube.

As far as that piercing goes, take that out asap, Hope to god you haven’t all ready gotten to much bacteria in the wound. Keep it clean, ice it, let it heal, maybe some cocoa-butter or anti-scaring cream to prevent having an ugly scar. Then you can try to find a reputable a.p.p piercer to properly and SAFELY do your piercings!

You wouldn’t do an open heart surgery on yourself in your bedroom if you saw it on youtube would you? STOP SELF PIERCING!

I KNOW HER OMFG tbh this is so dumb ._.

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